don’t throw shade. GROW it.

The first year of Trees Columbus’s Canopy Restoration Project (CRP) was a success, but Columbus continues to lose urban forest canopy due to age, disease, storms, and development. The CRP is a public-private partnership to implement creative solutions for urban forest planting and management. Trees are good for business, health, and social well-being. The CRP plants and maintains a healthier urban tree canopy for tomorrow and for future generations. You can help by donating to the CRP at

Funding provided by the Mildred Miller Fort Foundation, Inc.

Grow shade in your backyard.

As a part of the Canopy Restoration Project, Trees Columbus is hosting a canopy tree giveaway.

o   3 gallon canopy trees available

o   Limited supply, priority will be the Canopy Restoration Project study areas.

o   Contact and leave your name and address.

2019 Project Area

2019 Project Area

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why do we need the project?

To promote the health of mature trees.

To plant young trees.

To establish a process to identify and mitigate potential safety issues.

To promote public awareness of urban trees

The vast majority of Muscogee County’s urban tree canopy is on private property. The Canopy Restoration Project will connect to private property owners with education and resources.

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our goals

In partnership with Columbus Consolidated Government, evaluate tree canopy on public rights-of-way to establish tree maintenance and planting priorities for healthier urban tree canopy.

In partnership with private citizens on a volunteer basis, evaluate residential tree canopy to establish tree maintenance and planting priorities for healthier urban tree canopy.

Create a replicable process that can be repeated throughout Muscogee County and beyond.


Next Steps

• Implement planting and maintenance recommendations for Lakebottom Park through public-private partnership. You can help by donating to the CRP at

• Continue tree canopy analysis in partnership with Columbus State University.

• Re-evaluate canopy analysis goals and update the CRP plan.

• Ongoing data management in partnership with Columbus Consolidated Government.

• Offer tree giveaways for private citizens and continue taking volunteer yards.

• Initiate canopy restoration in additional areas